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Bringing Healthcare Home

We take the pressure off finding the right specialized medical equipment & supplies.

Home Medical Equipment was the cornerstone of Keene Medical Products when the company opened in 1975. Supplying beds, wheelchairs, lift chairs, scooters and other basic home medical equipment for patients with long and short term needs remains a core service of Keene Medical Products.

In addition to meeting mastectomy, wound care, enteral nutrition, bathroom and Ostomy needs, Keene Medical Products offer circulation support compression stockings from several manufacturers, all designed for comfort and ease of use. Selections range from firm to mild support, opaque and sheer fabrics, pantyhose and maternity styles and easy-on, easy-off models for people who have difficulty with the process. Direct home delivery is available with authorization.

We are proud to provide you with:

- Mastectomy Prosthesis and Apparel
- Pressure Gradient Support Stockings
- Burn Scar Garments
- Spinal Braces and Supports
- Patient Ready & Custom Knee Braces
- Lymphedema and Extremity Pumps
- Compression Support Braces
- Diabetic Footwear
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