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All testimonials collected from appreciation letters

I wanted to write to you let you know what a valuable employee Carol Kapourkranidisis. Not only is she knowledgeable but went over and beyond to help us with my husband's oxygen needs and other supplies. She was great. Please never let her go.

- Elizabeth G. 8/3/17
Of Carol Kapoukranidisis of the Saint Johnsbury Store

Thank you for being there. You were recommended by Marra's in Plattsburgh because they don't service Vermont. I had unhappy service multiple times, that's why I was searching. I spoke with Beverly of Keene Medical in Burlington, VT. She was very helpful. Please give her recognition for outstanding customer service.

- James G. 6/18/17
Of Beverly Everest of the Burlington Store

What a wonderful experience to be sick, yet walk away from Keene Medical with a smile on my face. Thanks for the detailed explanation on the equipment. Worked perfectly when I got home. Thanks also for staying after hours - with a smile.

- Susan M. 2/18/17
Of Mary Lou of the Newport Store

I have been in and out of the hospital this past year and at this time I am wearing the white compression stockings. I would like you to know these compression stockings have been a godsend to me over the past years. In 2004 I needed a back operation and the surgeon would not operate with an infected ulcer on my leg. I was given a prescription and advised to go Keene Med. No ulcers after that!

- Lucille C. 02/23/17

I just wanted to thank you again for the compression socks. Your kindness & generosity are a true virtue. I wish you many blessings this holiday season & the years to come.

- Janet C. 2/13/17
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth Store

Long overdue: Thank you for taking care of us again with Dick's beautiful blue lift chair. He so loves it. Sure wish you could have been here when Russ delivered it. Dick was overjoyed and went into "Kid in a candy store" mode (And in mentioning Russ being here: he was so kind an exhilarating & matched Dick's mood! Special!) Dick often comments on how comfortable the chair is, how safe he feels "Exiting" it & loves the color. Thanks so much!

- Kate B. 02/04/17
Of Russel Goodwin of the Montpelier store.

This is to show appreciation for the extra effort you put into your work. The compression socks I now have are just wonderful. They make such a difference. Bless you for going further than you need to.

- Frances D. 2/1/17
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth Store

I would like to take a moment and thank the awesome staff at your St. Johnsbury, VT store. Becca, Marcie, Carol, Britney, Becky and Hope are so good at putting the "Customer" into customer service. They display a friendly and cordial attitude and are refreshing in the non-service would often found today. Keep up the good work!

- Harry S. 10/26/16
Of the Staff of the Saint Johnsbury store.

Thanks for all your help getting me my pump! I took it to my last appointment... the woman there is as awesome as you are!

- Shirley M. 10/13/16
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth Store

Thank you so much for your kind & caring nature. Thank you for always remembering me, and all you do for me. You made me feel special once again.

- Sundee S. 8/24/16
Of Matt Lyons and Tammy Herman of the Gorham Store

You assisted me with patience during my special stocking problems. My personal thanks, you are the best. Lots of love.

- Evelyn V. 8/22/16
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth Store

I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness during my visits there for compression socks. Telling me and showing how to put on the socks, as well as always being friendly, has helped me immensely. Telling me I could order some more socks as medical necessities has just made my life so much easier. I can now swap off the hose and "breathe easier". A big THANK YOU!

- Vivian M. 7/26/16
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth Store

Thank you 1,000 times for getting Zack's Place the handicap accessible ramp at Town Hall Theater for our performance of "Good News from around the World". Not only did Max and Don install it, but they also came back the next day to make sure it worked properly and it did! It was perfect. We performed our play on May 18th, 2016 and the auditorium was full. The play went off perfectly.

We could not have performed the play without your help.

On the night of the performance, each and every participant performed and felt like they were on Broadway. They left that evening elated and had an increased feeling of self-worth. I want you to know how important your part in making this happen was. I cannot thank you enough.

- Dail Frates 7/6/16
Of Maxwell Thompson and Donald Seymour of the Lebanon Store.

To learn more about Zack's Place and the work they do for those with special needs click here.

As we care for increasingly complex children, we have been struggling with our growing need for oxygen. You and your staff know that our needs have increased... We are so grateful for all the support you have given us. Steve is a terrific delivery person and we have enjoyed working with him. He has gone above and beyond on our behalf.

We really appreciate your support and all the services you have provided to us.

- Cathy G. 7/5/16
Of Steven Russell of the Keene Store

Just want to give massive kudos to Carol in your Bennington location; she has been so helpful. Carol is really bending over backwards which she has done since my husband went on oxygen. Carol is trying to help figure out options for daytime use for O2 so we can do a little traveling. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Carol has been to us.
Thank you.

- Mary H. 7/28/15
Of Carol Windover of the Bennington Store

In this day and age, it is seldom I have occasion to write a letter of thanks to any business organization, but this is an exception. At Christmas, my daughter had determined I should have a new recliner to replace my worn out and temperamental friend of 20 years. She wanted a chair complete with heat, massage, and lift features. From the time we stepped through the door and were cheerfully greeted immediately, we sensed we'd be successful, and thus began the process of securing The Chair!

We were fortunate that the lovely young woman named Gina probably drew the short straw to wait on us! I fear we made her job quite difficult as were undecided and hard to please, but she never lost her patience or her smile throughout that day or in the days that followed when we called with more questions and changes.

In early January, two strong young men arrived and carried The Chair to my porch, and, in short, placed it in the perfect spot, and operating like a charm. They too were exceedingly polite, cheerful, personable, and obviously proud of Keene Medical.

I have now been enjoying My Chair for a month and am sure this is only one of many more. It is a perfect fit for both me and the room, and I am grateful not only to my daughter for the gift but to Keene Medical for making it possible. Thank you all.

- JoAnn G. 2/11/16
Of the Staff of the Lebanon store

You always have been good to us. It's evident that you are like this to everybody if they stay in your store a short time...listen to you on the phone & watch you with customers. But as of late you have worked very hard for us & we are so grateful!! Know that we respect your work ethic, your ability to communicate & advocate. Know that you are truly appreciated. Thank you so very much!! :)

- Kate B. 12/30/15
Of Gregory Parker of the Montpelier store

I write to bring to your attention the outstanding professional services provided to me by your Ms. Noelle M. Needham, a customer service representative/fitter at your Portsmouth, New Hampshire location. I served in the U.S. Air Force Nurses Corps for over 28 years, and was a Chief Nurse at several USAF hospitals. I know outstanding professional medical services when I see them, and Ms. Needham provided such services on Tuesday, 09 December when she fitted me with support stockings.

Ms. Needham is a great asset to your medical products company, and I have informed my primary care practitioner about the very favorable impression Ms. Needham created for Keene Medical Products.

- Ruth F. 12/16/15
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth store

I am a 71 yr old man who has been in business for 49 yrs. My wife and I have met thousands of people in our travels throughout the country. A few of those people have become friends. I entered your store in Keene for an appointment to learn about a new CPAP machine that my doctor had ordered for me. I left your story with a new machine and a new friend.

Kelly Dellogono is a remarkable young woman. Her knowledge of the field that she was explaining was comprehensive and easy to follow. She was quick to answer my questions and go over the things that I didn't understand. It was also obvious, from her wide smile, that she was enjoying what she was doing. She is a 'people person'. You are fortunate to have her as your employee.

- Dennis B. 7/28/15
Of Kelley Dellogono of the Respiratory Staff

Thank you for the wonderful, caring assistance. The hospital bed, wheelchair and commode were here immediately, set up, and removed in the same way. You people are wonderful, caring & professional. Much appreciated.

- Virginia V. 7/28/15
Of the Staff of the Gorham store

I would like you to know Stan does an exceptionally good job. He is patient & very understanding. He makes sure I understand everything and is friendly & kind!!

- Paula O. 7/28/15
Of Stanley Pawlendzio of the Lebanon store

My mother has a hospital bed from Keene Medical, including a pressure air mattress. I called on Sunday because the mattress no longer seemed to vary in pressure. The answering service rep asked if I wanted a service call on that day. I declined because I would have felt inconsiderate having someone come out on a Sunday.

The next day I spoke with Max about the problem. In conversation Max seemed genuinely willing to have made a service call on Sunday, if I had so requested. He quickly diagnosed the situation and solved it. Later the same day, Stan delivered not only a new pump but also a new mattress. The new pump is inaudible, a welcome improvement. He thoroughly explained the in's and out's of replacing the old equipment with new. Max and Stan made dealing with Keene Medical a pleasure.

- Craig C. 7/28/15
Of Maxwell Thompson and Stanley Pawlendzio of the Lebanon store

It gives me great pleasure to thank you for all your efforts in correcting the problems concerning the oxygen here at home. Max, in my opinion, is an asset to your company. He makes a good impression and is extremely knowledgeable in helping one who is just having the setup with oxygen.

- Connie D. 6/11/15
Of Maxwell Thompson of the Lebanon store

You are amazing! You have been like a solid ray of light throughout my wife's experience with lymphedema. You are the only person who is supposed to be helping her that hasn't given up hope. We are both incredibly grateful for your determination, help, perseverance, and patience. It truly does mean a lot to us.

- Brett L. 6/11/15
Of Noelle Needham of the Portsmouth store

This note is being sent to acknowledge the outstanding service your employee, Jillian M. Carpenter, has given to us on our visits to have my husband's shoes fitted and ordered; help in selecting a cane and walker and giving us information on medical alert systems. Her cheerfulness and friendliness brightens one's day.

- Robert J. 3/24/15
Of Jillian Carpenter of the Rutland Store

Thank you Keene Med in South Burlington location. I appreciate all your friendliness & cooperation. You're a class 'A' store. Thanks to Randy and all the others for being so kind!

- Francis B. 1/27/15
Of Randall Leblanc of the Burlington store

A little note to thank all of you for your timely deliveries and taking care of all of our oxygen needs. We always enjoyed seeing & chatting with you.

- Valerie C. 1/27/15
Of the Staff of the Burlington store

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you to Norm for all of his help. He was very nice and answered all of my questions. He also helped my mother who has a cane to help her walk. There was a lot of ice on the street and my mother expressed her concern. Norm showed and installed a tool for her cane that grips the ice, making it easy to walk. That made her very happy. My mother and I were very pleased with the customer service provided. Thank you!

- Chelsea D. 1/27/15
Of Normand Bourque of the Nashua store

This post is to tell you just how great the people running your Rutland branch are! My husband came home from his nursing home, not really ready to be home but we had to do the best we could. His being home was a challenge to all, this is where Tim and his crew from your Rutland branch shine not only in good salesmanship but more so in support of this family and the nursing staff involved.

Everyone involved was outstanding in getting the equipment in to our home, explaining how it worked, and had endless amount of patience with all of us. Each person from this branch were so very polite, respectful, knowledgeable, excellent instructors with endless patience, and we had some good laughs thrown in. Thank you for the great service your company provides.

- Andrea M. 12/12/14
Of the Staff of the Rutland store

I'm writing to you regarding Kevin. Simply put, it's difficult to imagine someone could do a better job at what he does than Kevin. From the time he called me yesterday to set up an appointment for this morning, I knew that I was in good hands. It was only a matter of hours between the order being placed and the time he telephoned.

He arrived exactly on time today, and after his patient and edifying tutorial, I feel as if I could pass Oxygen 101 with flying colors. You are fortunate indeed to have someone of his caliber representing your business. He is professional, smart, thorough and articulate in his ability to explain what needs explaining. And most importantly, he liked my cat and managed to pet him without getting nipped. Pretty much a first! I could say more, but there's no need. He is a treasure.

- Susan B. 12/04/14
Of Kevin of the Rutland store

I am writing to thank you for sending Stan to make my deliveries. He is very friendly and takes the time to make sure I understand the equipment and how to use it. On the occasion the equipment malfunctioned, he was here in a very timely manner so that I was, at no time, without oxygen. I certainly hope he makes my deliveries as long as I need Keene Medical Products.

- Kathleen G. 7/30/14
Of Stanley Pawlendzio of the Lebanon store

I wanted to send you a letter to acknowledge the depth of appreciation that we feel as a family for the very kind and professional service you have extended to our family as we dealt with aging issues and eventual loss of cherished family members of the past years. You remained very engaged in finding solutions for us no matter what the situation was. You always, always remained focused upon us, our needs and you deserve to be recognized.

I cannot imagine how a competitor could ever surpass the combination of willingness to help, knowledge of products, and accessibility that you demonstrated to us over and over again.

You don't just sell products. At Keene Medical Products you actually facilitate quality of life for your clients and their families through your acts of respect and compassion. May God bless you for the morals and concern you share with your clients.

- Kenneth S. 7/30/14
Of the Staff of the Rutland store

I think you are very fortunate to have a person like Michelle working for your business of helping the elderly, as well as younger people. It was worth the 112 miles we drove to meet with her and she took care of all of my mom's needs today.

- Judi B. 7/17/14
Of Michelle Griffin of the Concord store

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